Quality Assurance 

Establecimientos colonia S.A. Maintains the highest standards for food safety and quality assurance. The core of our food safety program is our functionally integrated production system.

Since introducing our beef program in 2005, Establecimientos Colonia S.A. has worked hard to establish name-recognition for the finest beef available. Our name is so important to us we back it up with a satisfaction guarantee. Our simple, cowboy philosophy of working for the “brand” has made the name Establecimientos Colonia S.A. Ranch synonymous with traditional values, such as quality, integrity, commitment, and exceptional customer service. Our Ranches are always improving our processing facility. Best practices include:
  • Adhering to strict sanitation and food safety practices
  • Employing highly trained Quality Assurance (QA) staff
  • Monitoring by QA staff of all aspects of beef processing
  • Undergoing consistent, systematic USDA inspections
  • Utilizing the most advanced food safety technology
Audits & Recognition
Establecimientos Colonia S.A maintains an impressive food safety track record and continually receives exceptional marks by third-party auditors. Recent acknowledgements include: British Retail Consortium (one of the most stringent third-party auditors in the world): awarded AA rating, the highest possible Quick Service Restaurants: recognized as industry leader for low microbial counts USDA testing program: regular confirmation of low microbial counts Proud of our food safety record, Harris Ranch Beef Company continually strives to identify and implement best management practices and technologies that keep us at the forefront of food safety.
Safe & Secure Facility
Establecimientos Colonia S.A maintains a written Food Defense Program to address bioterrorism and other risks of product adulteration. Our facility employs a 24-hour security service and maintains an alarmed, fenced and patrolled perimeter. Surveillance cameras cover production and non-production areas. All employees and approved vendors are issued ID badges that must be used to gain access to the facility.

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