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With over 14 years of combined experience in the international meat trade Establecimientos colonia S.A. is proud to be among South America’s leading Frozen meat exporters. We are the  true specialist in beef of high quality grainfed and grassfed beef from South America

Our cattle are grain-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free from conception to consumption. Our cows are never given growth hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, or grains. We guarantee this by having an affidavit signed for every cow that is purchased  and we keep detailed records showing each cow’s history. We believe cattle health and soil health go hand in hand, so rather than treat our cattle for parasites with chemicals that will soak into the soil as soon as the animal passes waste, we graze our animals in a fashion that mimics the natural grazing behaviors and naturally breaks the life cycles of parasites. Our cows are on a free-choice mineral, salt, and apple cider vinegar regimen which makes them healthy and strong, naturally.

We Believe in Quality

A Farm to Table Butcher

The history of our meats

The origin of Uruguay Beef and Lamb: 400 years ago, in July 1608, Hernandarias defined our territory as one of great use for farming and cattle raising owing to the excellent quality of its land. Ever since that moment the origin of cattle raising the meat has been the country´s main economic resource, and 400 years later this product is accompanied by all the information allowing it to tell its own history, from nature to consumer. Meat production in Uruguay is supported by the ability and expertise of all links of the agro industrial chain, as well as by Institutions that ensure the animal health, the meat safety, and the commercial quality required by customers.

The beef sector has always been the country’s leading export sector, and nowadays solid work is being done to reaffirm the hegemony. 400 years ago, the Spanish Hernandarias arrived to our territory and defined it as one of great use for farming and cattle raising owing to the excellent quality of its land. The country has optimal conditions to produce beef naturally due to its temperate weather, fertile soils and privileged hydrography. More than 80% of the territory is dedicated to livestock and each animal, has a pasture space equivalent to 2 soccer fields.

Uruguayan meat is known throughout the world for its high quality and delicious taste. 

Our Mission

To supply the best protein globally by forging long-term relationships with our consumers and by creating high quality and safe products, driven by offering the best products to our clients. 

Our Vision

To be recognized as the best global proteins company. • Growing with our clients, suppliers and partners through innovative products and by operating in the best markets; • Promoting the company’s development and creating value for shareholders; • Employing a team of motivated employees who are committed to serving the entire production chain with operational excellence and sustainably; • Respecting the society in which we operate.

Our Values

Focus on the Client

  • We are fully committed to our internal and external clients and embrace their priorities as ours.
  • We put all our effort and passion into what we do to serve our clients in all stages of the production chain.
  • We act with integrity and do what is right with regard to our products and procedures.


We don’t conceal our problems. Our behavior and conduct are aimed at helping us learn from our mistakes in order not to repeat them. We encourage dialogue with our stakeholders, which helps us to foster trust and to improve as professionals and individuals.


“Five Stars!”

What a beautiful cut of meat. Lean, Tender, Delicious! Your Team was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. You’re amazing!!


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