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A Cutting Edge Grass-fed Beef Producer.

Our livelihood depends on the health and resilience of the land where we graze our herds. We value our livestock and strive to give them the highest standard of care while believing our most important task is good stewardship of the streams, foothills, forests and grasslands where we work. We partner with local organisations to protect our land from urban development, to regenerate creeks and riparian areas, and to reestablish native flora and fauna. Our cows are bred and selected for genetics that work with the land. We aim for a shorter, more compact cow that is designed to convert grass, legumes and forbes efficiently into nutrient-dense beef. These smaller cows are easier on the land and put all of their inputs into gaining fat and muscle rather than height and bone mass. We work hard to find the right genetics because an animal that is built for our environment will produce the best grass-finished beef possible.

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Food Safety

Establecimientos colonia S.A.  maintains the highest standards for food safety and quality assurance. The core of our food safety program is our functionally integrated production system.
Cattle at Establecimientos colonia S.A are :

  • Procured through long-standing cow-calf producer relationships
  • Fed in a single, company-owned location
  • Harvested in a single, company-owned facility

Our hands-on method assures we maintain consistent quality control standards and address a number of consumer concerns.

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– Pasture Raised

– High Quality.

– 100% Vegetarian Diet

We sell high quality farm-to-table beef that we raise on our farm

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